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Can I use LiveFlow if I don't use Gmail as my email provider?
Can I use LiveFlow if I don't use Gmail as my email provider?

You will need a Gmail account to be able to use LiveFlow

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In order to use LiveFlow or be added as a user to another user account LiveFlow account, you will need an email address tied to Gmail.

If you or someone on your team doesn't have an existing Gmail account, you can utilize one of two methods to access/be added to LiveFlow.

Method 1: Open a Google Workspace Account

  • You and any users you add will need to have an account with Google Workspace.

  • Google Workspace is the suite of applications, including productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed by Google (think: Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Doc, Sheets, Slides)

  • To open a Google Workspace account, please learn more here.

Method 2: Create a personal Gmail account just for LiveFlow use

  • You don't need a full Google Workspace Account to access LiveFlow. You can create a personal Gmail account.

  • This can be something as simple as ""

  • To create a personal Gmail account, click here.

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