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LiveFlow: Quickstart Guide
LiveFlow: Quickstart Guide

How to get started with LiveFlow

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Welcome to LiveFlow!

Here is a short and quick guide on how to get started.

Install LiveFlow Google Sheets Add-on from Google Marketplace here.

1) How To Open LiveFlow

  1. Open your Google Sheet

  2. Go to Extensions -> LiveFlow -> Get started

  3. Connect your QuickBooks account(s)

2) How To Import a Report

  1. Open your Google Sheet.

  2. Open LiveFlow

  3. Select a report of your choice

  4. Click Create Live Report

3) How To Refresh a Report

There are two ways to refresh a report.

Method 1 (recommended):

  1. Open LiveFlow

  2. Go to Manage Reports

  3. Set your reports to automatically refresh Every Hour

Method 2:

  1. Go to Extensions -> LiveFlow -> Refresh All Reports

  2. Wait a few seconds and your report will be refreshed

4) How To Connect Multiple QuickBooks accounts

  1. Open LiveFlow

  2. Click on "Connect Another Account"

  3. Connect your other QuickBooks account

5) How To Disable Auto-Refresh in LiveFlow

  1. Open LiveFlow

  2. Go to Manage Reports

  3. Switch the "Enable auto-refresh" toggle so that's disabled

6) How To Drill Into Your Reports

  1. Open LiveFlow

  2. Go to Drill Down

  3. Click on a cell in your Google Sheet that contains QuickBooks data / blue numbers

  4. Wait for LiveFlow to refresh

  5. You can now see all the underlying transactions under each of your accounts

7) How To Disable Links to QuickBooks

If you do not want your report to include direct links to QuickBooks, follow these steps:

  1. Open LiveFlow

  2. Go to Manage Reports

  3. Select the report you want to disable QuickBooks linking for

  4. Click on the Disable links to QuickBooks toggle and turn it off

  5. Click Update & Refresh to update your settings

8) How To Get 1:1 Personal Help

  1. Send a message to us by clicking the blue icon directly in LiveFlow

  2. Tell us more about your challenges and we will help you ASAP

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