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What does the “Viewer’’ role in LiveFlow give you?
What does the “Viewer’’ role in LiveFlow give you?

About the viewer role in LiveFlow

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Viewers can do the following:

  1. Refresh existing reports created by an editor or admin

  2. Drill down into existing reports

Viewers can not do the following:

  1. Import new reports

  2. Connect and disconnect integrations

  3. Invite members or manage your account

What's the difference between a LiveFlow Viewer user and regular Viewers in the Google Sheet?

  • LiveFlow viewers are people you invite to your LiveFlow account to either refresh existing reports or drill down into existing reports.

  • Google Sheets viewers are people you invite to your overall Google Sheet using Google Sheets' traditional invitation system.

You will not be charged for any Viewers invited to your sheet. You can invite as many Viewers as you like to your Google Sheet.

If I invite someone to my Google Sheet, can they see my LiveFlow reports?

Yes! Anyone who's invited to your Google Sheet can view your LiveFlow reports. Since your reports update hourly, anyone you invite will be able to see the reports update live.

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