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LiveFlow Workspace & User Permissions
LiveFlow Workspace & User Permissions

About workspaces and user permissions

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Here is a brief breakdown of roles and permissions in LiveFlow.

We have three different types of roles.

1 - Admin

Admins has access to:

  1. Inviting new members

  2. Managing your workspace settings

  3. Connecting QuickBooks companies

  4. Disconnecting QuickBooks companies

  5. Importing reports

  6. Refreshing reports

  7. Drill down into reports

  8. Use all our templates

Note: Only the Billing Admin can manage billing. Regular admins can't.

2 - Editor

Editors has access to:

  1. Importing reports

  2. Refreshing reports

  3. Drill down into reports

  4. Use all our templates

3 - Viewer

Viewers has access to:

  1. Refreshing reports

  2. Drill down into reports

  3. Use all our templates

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