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How do I import a Budget vs. Actuals report?
How do I import a Budget vs. Actuals report?

The easiest way to manage your budget vs. actuals with LiveFlow

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Creating a live Budget vs. Actuals report with LiveFlow is a piece of cake!

Here is how to do it:

  1. Open LiveFlow

  2. From the choose a report dropdown select a Profit & Loss

  3. Enable the toggle “Add budget & variance columns”

  4. Choose to either import a budget from QuickBooks OR use the blank columns we provide.

  5. Click Create Live Report

In the Budget vs. Actuals report, we include a variance column that calculates the difference between your Budget and Actuals. For expense accounts, it's budget - actual; for other accounts, it's actual - budget.

For instance:

  • Payroll expenses: Budget $500, actual $550, variance $-50 (overspent).

  • Sales income: Budget $500, actual $550, variance $50 (earned more).

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